So ‘what’s all this?’,  I hear you ask.

This is Rambling Irish, a place where you will find the meandering, satirical and often surreal anecdotes and opinions of yours truly, condensed into short and snappy stories that will hopefully entertain, inform and perhaps even inspire.

The main focus will be all things travel, but you can expect mea bit of this and that to appear now and then, mostly this, often just then, but sometimes that will appear now….

Anyhoo, I’m calling this creation a “blog”. It’s a new-fangled term I coined, it may not catch on but it has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

So, who am I?

As far as I’ve discovered so far, I’m an Irish guy making the most of being young and free by exploring as much of this amazing planet while I can.
A journalism grad with a creative mind who has been blessed/cursed with wanderlust, I’m chasing the dream until I find a reason to slow down.

Aside from Ireland, I’ve lived in England, Australia, Thailand and New Zealand and am currently living in South Korea where I work as an elementary-level ESL teacher in the rural region of Bonghwa.

While here, I hope to explore Korea and visit some other Asian countries close by. I’ve travelled extensively in South East Asia and come 2016 I will realize a long-harbored ambition of extensively backpacking through Latin America.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. Over the coming months I will turn this blog into something magical. Stay tuned.