Ready for Round 2

This blog has been breathing heavy, gasping for air much like myself in the recent humidity.

Unfortunately, my hopes for this blog, much like some other ambitions weren’t universally knocked out of the park but that doesn’t mean it was a bad year. Far from it!

Korea has been a wonderful rollercoaster and I’m only truly getting to grips with it now after some tough times teaching elementary school kids in the rural county of Bonghwa.

It certainly has been a quick one and as I write this, I find it hard to fathom where the past 12 months have vanished.

My routine comprised lengthy bus journeys to the most remote of my four schools, solo teaching classes of as little as 3 students, often who are so low-level that I need google translate to fill in for my almost-always-absent “co-teachers”, figuring out how to deal with simple daily interactions through mimes and charades and learning to nod and smile in response to the wide-eyed stares that often come my way from the bewildered townspeople.

After finding my feet but in a town where most of the natives own either a school uniform or a pensioners bus pass, I learnt entertainment is a myth from cities further afield, which is were I spent many weekends, and many millions of Korean won as I enjoyed the brights lights of Seoul and beaches of Busan.

A second year was not part of the original script but it’s happening now and I feel confident that all the pieces are in place to make this a successful one in terms of progressing some personal goals.


I recently left the little village of Bonghwa to make my new home in the nearby city of Yeongju.

The next chapter of this adventure begins after my vacation to Italy next week.

Time for change. Time for growth.

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