Into the abyss…

The surface was a murky brown, peppered with yellowish bubbles, which gave the impression that there was a life trying to escape the clutches of the alien plants that hid deep below.

Their dark, green, leafy vines waved gently above the surface, desperately grasping pointed shells and shattered remnants of a mysterious creatures bones which bobbed upon the surface, as if to warn visitors away; there is no light at the end of this dark tunnel.   

From above, he peered down upon the tranquil horror, glaring intently in the vain hope his fixated gaze would somehow penetrate the opaque shimmering surface and discover what mystery lay beneath.

Alas, it was futile, the inevitable beckoned…  

With a deep breath, he gently lowered the steel rod into the oblivion below.

Feeling tension immediately grip upon the device, he scooped it back out into the sunlight with the effortless grace of a wizard casting a spell.

His eyes widened with terror as he realised what he had caught. For among the seaweed and shells, he spotted tentacles and bones…..

What was this? The Cracken? Nessie??   No….far worse…..

Behold!   Lunchtime in Korea!!


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  1. Hannah says:

    Awh this is fab Kris!!


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