So, here I am.   South Korea, Land of the morning calm.

I must say it truly lives up to that name, at least it does where I am. County Bonghwa.

Where on God’s green Earth is Bonghwa I hear you ask?   I had similar thoughts when I discovered my fate at the end of orientation week.jaesan

Coming to Korea, I expected to get somewhere rural as I, in bona-fide Chris Haughey-style, left everything to the last minute.

My application scraped through the gap as they were closing the postbox. A preliminary job offer was made while my documents were still in transit to Korea and I was in the air before my credentials were rubber-stamped.

Last second of the last minute.   With EPIK alledgedly operating on a first-come, first-served basis in regards to city preference, I knew I was getting something from the bottom of the barrel.

Still….BONGHWA??!   My fears were not eased as my first attempt to educate myself on my new home went like this….


Ok, not really.

But there wasn’t much to be found and my phone battery died mere seconds after I attempted to ask it more.  Either that or my phone simply didn’t want to be the one to tell me the bad news.

The preceding week had been a whirlwind of new faces, names and intense days filled with back-to-back lectures of alien topics designed to morph me into teacher supreme.



It had been intense but also great fun as for a short time I felt like I was back in university, or in an American college considering the high population of Yankees here.

But now the little bubble was about to burst, orientation was over and the new-found friends were splitting up.   Some got lucky and got the city they hoped for….others were in for a mystery surprise.

Where was I going????


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